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Star Cattle Company

Birdwood beef has one primary source, Star Cattle Company, our family farm & ranch that has dedicated over 100 years to quality beef production. Our journey began in 1912 when “The Home Place” in Western Nebraska was purchased by Frederick Star, our Great Great Grandpa. Over the years we have been able to slowly expand our operation and diversify with fertile Platte Valley farmland, lush hay meadows, and rolling Sandhills.
One of our most beautiful and valuable pastures has been the land on the Birdwood Creek. When thinking of a name for this company, Birdwood Beef was a no-brainer. Star Cattle Company has now been passed down for five generations, and we hope to pass this tradition on to our growing family.

Quality & Sustainability

Ranch Raised. Grain Finished.

Our Angus Crossbred beef consists of a combination of cattle that are hand selected, born and raised on our farm & ranch, and locally sourced beef from other Nebraska producers. The cattle we raise from birth are born along the Birdwood Creek, and spend the beginning of their lives grazing our vast grassland pastures. Later, they are finished in our permitted feed yard and cared for by Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certified staff. Here they are fed a corn based diet produced on our farm! What we do not grow and harvest ourselves we source from neighboring farmers who we also consider friends.

Our family has worked hard to refine every aspect of our process throughout the years. From breeding, birthing, nourishing, and finishing we have taken necessary steps to ensure quality and sustainability at the highest level. Our main goal year after year is to raise healthy and productive cattle and leave our land in better condition than it was the year before.


Conservation Awards 

Lincoln County Twin Platte Natural Resource District Conservation Grassland Award, 2019

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State of Nebraska Natural Resource District Conservation Grassland Award, 2020


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