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Jason & Kayla, Elliott & Dawsen Star

Jason manages the Star Cattle Company feeding operation where he oversees the daily feeding and animal health for the yard. He manages livestock and feed procurement, sourcing cattle from local producers through private sales or auction markets as well as crop and forage production. Jason enjoys watching the cattle and crops grow and change. He is always looking forward to the next season and the new opportunity, challenges, and lessons it may provide, whether it be the planting in the spring or weaning in the fall. Jason returned to the family operation in 2010 after earning his Bachelor's Degree in Science with an emphasis in Livestock Production Management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln . When he’s not working on the farm or spending time with family, Jason can usually be found hunting waterfowl on the Birdwood Creek.

Jason married his wife Kayla in July of 2012. Kayla and Jason were high school classmates and while Jason went East to college, Kayla headed West to Riverton, Wyoming on a rodeo scholarship. Horses and rodeo were a big part of Kayla’s life throughout both highschool and college. Her love of horses began with the time she spent with her Grandpa. His love and patience for horses and cattle was contagious.  Even though she spent plenty of time horseback, Kayla spent many hours in college to earn her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education.  After college Kayla taught 5th grade for 7 years and has recently made the decision to stop teaching and stay home to raise Elliott and Dawsen. She has since started helping Jeanie with the company bookwork when she’s not taking care of her kids.

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